Webinar Series

Technology in a wide range of industries now has the ability to collect data, in addition to fulfilling its primary purpose. Once this data has been collected, how can it be further leveraged? This webinar series from the SLW Institute will explore why data is so valuable and how data monetization has become big business. Series hosts will include Schwegman principals Steve Lundberg and Suneel Arora, as well as Dr. Manjeet Rege, who is Associate Professor of Graduate Programs in Software and Data Science and Director of the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of St. Thomas. Mark Stignani of Barnes Thornburg will also contribute. This webinar series will offer vertical or industry-specific presentations every two weeks through mid-December.  

Key takeaways will include: 

  • What do we mean by “data”? 
  • Overview of the data monetization industry 
  • How do you know if you have valuable data? 
  • Placing a value on the data in your business plan 
  • Basic models for capturing and monetizing data 
  • Introduction to legal tools used for data capture and monetization 
  • Success stories and caveats 

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